The 12th EURO-CIU 2019 Symposium
Travelling by plane

The Copernicus Airport is located on the city’s boundaries, but transportation to the center is provided by special busses, running frequently. The trip lasts about 30 minutes and it costs 10 PLN (2,5 €). You can also get to the center by city buses (line 106). Travel time is approx. 40-50 minutes, and the ticket cost around 5 PLN (1,5 €). You can find more information on the schedules on the website (

If there is no convenient flight to Wroclaw, you may choose to fly to Poznan, Katowice or Cracow, and then to continue your journey by train.

In Poznan:

From Lawica airport, take the bus number 59 (directly to the train station) or number 48. Trains run frequently from Poznan to Wroclaw. Journey time is around 2:30, and the ticket price starts from 40PLN (10€).

In Katowice:

Take the bus (Airport Line) from the airport to the railway station. Travel time is approx. 50 min, and the ticket costs 27 PLN (7€). Trains running on this line are mainly comfortable and fast InterCity trains. The journey last about 2:30h, the ticket cost is approx. 30 PLN (8€). To avoid mistakes, please pay attention to the names of railway stations.

In Cracow:

From the airport, take the bus no. 208 or no.252 (riding time is 45 minutes, the cost isPLN 4 = 1 €). To get to the railway station, you can also take a private bus (prices vary). The journey from Cracow to Wroclaw takes about 4:30 hours, and the ticket cost is 45 PLN.