The 12th EURO-CIU 2019 Symposium
Topics and Speakers

Topics to be covered during the open days of EURO-CIU Symposium 2019

25th April 2019, Thursday

The opening day of the Symposium will be devoted to the medical issues. We will listen to the lectures  about the extending problem of hearing loss and its impact on patients and their families. There will be also a panel discussion on implant programs in Europe, and a number of lectures regarding the field of hearing tests and the usage of implants. Ending discussion will be about patients’ treatment expectations.


26th April 2019, Friday

The second day will be devoted to rehabilitation and social issues. Adequate adjustment of the sound processor and music therapy in auditory implants will be among the discussed topics. In addition to the typical medical issues, we will also focus on the methodology of teaching people with auditory implants, as well as their position on the labor market. At the end of the open part, as the overview of the Symposium, the users of auditory implants will be sharing their observations with the participants.


Dr Monika Lehnhardt-Goriany,
Chairwoman of the scientific committee

Dr. Dr.h.c. Monika Lehnhardt-Goriany was born in Vienna and graduated from the University Alma Mater Rudolphina. She obtained her PhD in philology, psychology and philosophy. She established Cochlear Europe in Basel in 1987. While being Chief Executive Officer (CEO) from 1987 until 1999, Cochlear Europe grew from two to seventy employees and additional offices were opened in London and Hannover. In 1999 she stepped aside and continued to work in a Management position for business development and customer relations. Since 2002 she has been Chairwoman of the Lehnhardt Stiftung. She is a published author on various topics related to CI on a technical, audiological and rehabilitation level. In July 2007 she was awarded the title of Honorary Doctor by the International Academy of Otorhinolaryngology -Head and Neck Surgery, St. Petersburg. She actively works at Lehnhardt Stiftung helping to provide CI to children in CIS countries.


Teresa Amat,
President of the EURO-CIU

She graduated as Linguist Philologist and later on as Speech Therapist at the University of Barcelona and she has been working in the deaf world for more than 40 years.

She has worked for 10 years as speech therapist in a cochlear implant clinic doing rehabilitation in patients of all ages. For the last 20 years she has been working as Director of the Spanish cochlear implant Federation AICE, where she was a founding member.

She is an accessibility adviser for the national Spanish and regional government as well as the city hall of Barcelona. She worked on several accessibility projects like the Universal Forum of Cultures Barcelona 2004, law projects on integration and accessibility, regulation of captioning for the tv media, etc.

She organized several congresses, symposiums, workshops, etc. on regional, national and European level concerning different topics: education, inclusion, accessibility, rehabilitation, deafness and cochlear implants. She participates as a speaker at events for professionals, parents, etc. taking place in European countries as well as Latin America.


Dr. Shelly Chadha

Dr. Shelly Chadha is the technical officer leading the work on ear and hearing care at the World Health Organization. She is an otolaryngologist and public health expert from India and has worked as professor of otolaryngology in India prior to joining her current position. Her current work focusses on global hearing health, including advocacy for prioritisation of hearing care; technical support to countries for development of hearing care strategies and development of technical tools and guidance.

Sandro Burdo

Sandro Burdo,
Professor Dr. Med.

Prof. Sandro Burdo graduated in Surgery and Medicine from the University of Milan, Italy, where he gained the specialization in Medical Audiology in 1981. During his professional career, he performed over 1300 cochlear implant surgeries (more than 400 bilateral). He worked as Professor at Universities in Milan, Rome and Varese and consulted both for governmental institutions, nationwide media and global corporations. He is the author of more than 150 publications and presented more than 300 times at scientific congresses, both national and international. At the moment he is Otologist Consultant and Cochlear Implant Surgeon at the Otologic Group in Piacenza and at the Children’s Hospital in Milan, keeping his non-surgical professional activity in Varese.


Roland Laszig,
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult.

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Roland Laszig was born in 1951, and since 1984 he worked as a resident and then assistant professor at Otorhinolaryngology Departments in Hamburg and Hannover. He also obtained the licenses for Plastic Surgery and Allergology. He is a Board Member of German ENT-Society as well as a Honorary Member of Slovak, Greek, Czech, Panhellenic and Spanish ENT Societies. He is the Head of ENT Clinic in Freiburg and the director of one of the biggest cochlear implant program in Europe. The author of numerous publications on the subject of Cochlear implants and telemedicine as well as the reviewer of prestigious scientific journals, such as “HNO“, “Cochlear Implant International”, “The Lancet”, “Ear and Hearing“.


Józef Mierzwiński,

Józef Mierzwiński graduated from the Medical Academy in Bydgoszcz (1989), and in 1990 he started his work in the ORL Department of the Children’s Hospital in Bydgoszcz, which he is heading since 2010. He is well-known as a talented surgeon and emphatic doctor both in the group of professional colleagues and the community of CI users. He is engaged actively in many of their social initiatives. Dr. Mierzwiński participated in few internships abroad (including Denmark, Great Britain and USA), and was engaged in the organization of numerous training conferences and courses, dedicated to ENT doctors. He is one of the leading specialists performing implant surgeries in Poland.

Henryk Skarżyński

Henryk Skarżyński,
Professor dr. med. dr hc multi

Prof. Henryk Skarzynski Is creator and director of Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing and the World Hearing Center in Kajetany. He is a pioneer of the auditory implants program in Poland and Central Eastern Europe. In 1992, as the first in this region, he implanted a cochlear implant, retrieving hearing to a deaf person. In 2002, as the first in the world, he performed an implantation of a cochlear implant in an adult with partial deafness with his own PDCI method (partial deafness cochlear implantation), and two years later, in 2004, the same operation in child. He is the author and co-author of over 1000 scientific papers, about 2500 scientific presentations and a member of worldwide scientific societies in the field of medicine related to otorhinolaryngology, audiology, phoniatrics and rehabilitation. Since 2011, he is the National Consultant in the field of Otorhinolaryngology.


Eulalia Juan Pastor

Eulalia Juan Pastor graduated from University of Belaric Islands (therapeutic pedagogy, language and hearing impairment, hearing problems in children) and then finished her post-graduate studies in the field of Audiology at the University of Salamanca. Since the beginning of her career, she has been working on the treatment of deaf children and their families. She had the opportunity to start working on cochlear implants with the first child in Mallorca in 1989, and since then she continues her work as a consultant for cochlear implantation. She is also working in the in the public hospital of Son Llátzer in Palma de Mallorca as Audiovisual Translator and Audiologist.


Maria Rotkiel

Maria Rotkiel is a psychologist, family and couples therapist, motivational trainer of professional and personal development, certified cognitive-behavioral therapist, public relations specialist, business trainer, didactician, professional and personal advisor journalist. She conducts psychological, therapeutic and coaching practice specializing in cognitive-behavioral and systemic and motivational trends. She leads, among others, addiction therapy, mood disorder therapy and family therapy in the cognitive-behavioral trend. She conducts workshops and lectures in the field of professional and personal development, training in educational competences for parents and pedagogues, training in mediation and negotiations, business psychology, team management, crisis intervention, cognitive-behavioral therapy, group therapy and couples and family therapy. Author of psychological guides, expert in the media and social campaigns.


Sue Archbold,
PhD, Hon LLD

Sue Archbold (PhD, Hon LLD) was a teacher of the deaf, and one of the founders of The Ear Foundation in 1989, becoming coordinator of Nottingham Cochlear Implant Programme. She developed management systems, collecting a wide range of long term outcome data from cochlear implantation, and publishing widely in peer reviewed journals, and books, researching the issues important to families, children and adults with hearing loss. Sue retired as CEO of The Ear Foundation in 2016 and continues to work to influence public policies on hearing loss, including the Spend2Save work with The Ear Foundation and EURO-CIU.


Zdzisława Orłowska-Popek,

Dr. Zdzisława Orłowska-Popek is a Polish philologist and speech therapist, working at the Cracow Pedagogical University. She conducts therapy of children with various language communication disorders, such as alalia, children’s aphasia, autism, Asperger’s syndrome, hearing impairment etc. at the Krakow Method Center. In scientific research, she focuses on issues related to constructing a language system in minds of children with developmental dysfunctions. She is the author of numerous articles and two monographs on speech therapy: Emotions in the opinions of deaf students (2011) and Language programming in speech therapy (on the example of the development of the deaf children’s language) (2017). She is also a co-author of a Polish language textbook and exercises, dedicated to deaf children, and multiple materials used in speech therapy.


Barbara Kaczyńska

Head of the Music Therapy Department and Film Documentation Scientific Team in World Hearing Center in Kajetany near Warsaw.
NMT music therapist, graduated from the University of Toronto and the Academy of Music in Katowice. Since 2015, he has been the artistic director of the International Festival of Children, Adolescents and Adults with Hearing Disorders “Cochlear Rhythms” organized by the World Hearing Center in Kajetany on the initiative of prof. Henryk Skarżyński
She is also a co-author of an innovative program: “Music in the Human Development of Hearing”, used in the rehabilitation of people with hearing impairments. In addition, she is the co-author of texts and music composed as part of the program “Music in human auditory development.”
In her free time, she sings and performs actively.


Katarzyna Ita Bieńkowska,

Katarzyna Ita Bieńkowska is an assistant professor at Special Pedagogics Academy of Maria Grzegorzewska in Warsaw and surdologopedic, working for the Department of Logopedics and Educational Linguistics. She also holds a Master’s Title in the field of Polish Philology. For 20 years she has been professionally connected to the Center for Daily Rehabilitation of Hearing and Speech and the Association of Parents and Friends of Children with Hearing Loss in Krosno. She participated in numerous professional courses as well as conferences and internships in Poland and abroad. Scientifically and professionally, she deals with problems related to the learning of the phonic language by the children after cochlear implantation. She is the author of 35 scientific articles, books and methodological textbooks on the rehabilitation of children and adults with hearing impairments.